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The Fresh Vine



The Fresh Vine began in 2018, when my husband Geoff and I (Dey), took the plunge and fulfilled my dream of owning a food truck and sharing fresh-food creations with the Edson community. The first summer was a success and that winter we expanded our offerings with catering services. Our second year was amazing with the food truck and catering services for the community of Edson and surrounding area. 

When the pandemic hit, all food trck and catering came to a halt. A new opportunity presented itself with The Galloway Pub and The Best Western Hotel. We renovated and opened a Restaurant at the end of 2020. Lots of ups and downs happened in the last 2 years but we survived! 

We would like to thank this wonderful community for your continued support and look forward to many delicious times ahead.



Geoff and Dey



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